Central Banking brand page

Central Banking brand page

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About Central Banking

Central Banking is the industry’s leading information resource, reaching key regulatory decision-makers across 120 countries, it delivers unrivalled coverage of the market, with in-depth analysis of all the latest industry news. From the fall of the Berlin Wall to the financial crisis that begain in 2007–08 and the Covid-19 pandemic, Central Banking has provided a platform for central bankers to explain their important work to peers, stakeholders and the wider financial community.

If you would like to reach the following job titles please get in touch:

Deputy governor
Chief investment officer
Head of reserve management
Head of market operations
Portfolio manager
Head of risk management
Head of foreign exchange
Head of treasury
Head of governance
Head of financial stability
Chief data officer
Chief technology officer
Chief fintech officer
Chief regtech officer
Head of financial supervision
Head of data analytics
Head of information security
Head of innovation
Head of payments and settlement systems
Head of statistics
Head of financial markets

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